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    OK2A Response to Governor's Veto of SB41

    Governor Fallin said yesterday that she vetoed SB41 because of OK2A's lawsuit against the city of Norman over the banning of guns at the Norman Music Fest.  She said that the Oklahoma Constitution prohibits the Legislature from passing a law that would "destroy an existing defense" in a pending lawsuit (Article 5, Section 52 of the Oklahoma Constitution).  This is a smokescreen the Governor has thrown up to hide the real reason she vetoed the bill.

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  • Update: Fallin Vetoes SB41

    When the Governor vetoed three 2nd Amendment bills last year, she said it was to send a message to the Legislature. But when you veto 2nd Amendment bills two years in a row (she vetoed SB41 today), that's a pattern. Governor Fallin can use legal double-speak all she wants to explain away her anti-gun pattern, but the simple truth is she has vetoed more gun bills than Brad Henry. She has chosen, again, to side with the gun-grabbers. Please call Senator Bingman at 405-521-5565 and ask him to hold a vote to override the Governor's veto

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  • Action Alert: Calls Needed Immediately

    Today is Governor Fallin's last day to sign SB41 into law.  We are worried she may bow to pressure from the OKC Chamber of Commerce to veto the bill.  After her veto of three 2nd Amendment bills last year, we cannot take for granted that she will do the right thing and sign the bill, especially in the face of the Chamber's pressure. 

    Please call Governor Fallin and strongly (but politely) urge her to sign SB41 into law.  You can reach the Governor at (405) 521-2342.  It is critical that she hear from you TODAY.  When you get through, press 2 to speak to a secretary (DO NOT press 1 for the comment line as she may not get your message in time).

    SB41 was amended late in the process with language that will bring an end to cities abusing the 2nd Amendment by prohibiting the lawful and peaceful carrying of firearms during city festivals on city streets, such as was the case with the Norman Music Fest.

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  • Action Alert: SB41 In Jeopardy

    SB41 was amended on the House floor at OK2A's request to include language to deal with cities allowing private entities to "rent" a street and then ban the carrying of firearms, such as with the Norman Music Fest.  The amendment was adopted and the bill was sent back to the Senate for a final vote.  The bill is now on the Governor's desk awaiting her signature.

    The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce is urging Governor Fallin to veto the bill.  Once again, the Chamber is worried about a problem that does not exist.  Businesses are not going to leave Oklahoma because SB41 is signed into law.  We need gun owners to make two phone call TODAY to support SB41.

    Please call or email the Governor's office and urge her to sign SB41.  The Governor's phone number is (405) 521-2342.  You can email her by going to her website.  Click the "email Governor Fallin" link in the Contact the Governor drop down menu.

    Also, call the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and tell them to stop promoting gun control.  Inform them you will urge any of their members you do business with to withdraw their membership.  You can reach the OKC Chamber at (405) 297-8900.

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  • OK2A Meetings (4/27/15)

    Meetings held at restaurants: It is not required that you order dinner but we encourage everyone to patronize these businesses that do not restrict your ability to carry.

    This Week:

    • Monday, April 27 - Ponca City group meets at 7:00 pm at The Mission (909 E South Ave) in Ponca City.
    • Tuesday, April 28 - Konawa Tea Party meets at 7:00 pm at The Dougan Room in the Kennedy Library (701 W South St, Konawa Schools) in Konawa.
    • The Major County Sons & Daughters of Liberty* will not meet in April.
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