Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

Oklahoma's premier Second Amendment advocacy group  Defending our liberty                                                                           Preserving our heritage

What We Do:

  • Maintain a daily presence at the State Capitol during session.
  • Bring together the best and brightest, including legislators and other policy makers, attorneys, law professors, and Second Amendment experts, to craft sound public policy.
  • Provide research and wording to legislators for Second Amendment legislation.
  • Organize grassroots support for pro-Second Amendment legislation.
  • Educate legislators, the media, and the public about the Founders' intent concerning the Second Amendment,

Legislative Actions

Bills passed by the State Legislature this year:
  • SB56 - Removes requirement to list SSN on handgun license application.
  • SB164 - Limits misdemeanor drug preclusion for handgun license to 10 years.
  • SB525 - Allows DOC employees to leave handgun in locked vehicle while parked on DOC parking lots.
  • HB1460 - Adds knives to state preemption laws.
  • HB1911 - Removes switchblades from list of prohibited weapons.
  • HB2014 - Allows school boards to send staff through training and set a policy to allow them to carry a weapon.
  • SB41 - Prohibits cities from using "lease" loophole to ban the otherwise legal carrying of handguns during city festivals (Vetoed by the Governor)
Interim Studies:

At least two interim studies have been requested dealing with Second Amendment issues.

  • Reforming the processing of handgun licenses.
  • Abuse of power by game wardens.

OK2A has helped move more than 40 pro-gun measures through the Legislature since 2010.

Legal Actions

Earlier this year, OK2A filed suit against the City of Norman for allowing a private entity to ban the possession of firearms by firearms licensees during the Norman Music Fest, a public festival held on public streets.  The judge saw things our way and granted a temporary restraining order keeping the Norman Police and event security from enforcing the ban. 

Another hearing is scheduled for August 11 at 9:00 am.

Firearms Legal Defense Program

US Law Shield represents members in any legal proceeding (criminal or civil), for zero attorney's fees.  This includes all criminal charges arising from the "use" of a gun.  Coverage is offered for the individual, family (including minor children), and for those who travel. 

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