• Upcoming events

    Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 07:00 PM · $10.00 USD
    American Legion Post 36 in Sapulpa, OK

    US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar

    Attendees will receive a free copy of "When Can I Legally Shoot?  Knowing The Law Of Deadly Force" (a $9.95 value).

    Tickets: $10


    • Gun law for all
    • Basic laws every gun owner needs to know
    • Law of deadly force
    • The Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, & Make My Day laws
    • Dealing with a difficult police officer
    • Law of police search & seizure
    Saturday, April 18, 2015 at 09:30 AM · $30.00 USD · 4 rsvps
    Steak & Egg in Sapulpa, OK

    SDA Handgun License Workshop

    Students at this workshop will receive the certificate necessary to apply for an Oklahoma handgun license.


    • Student Ticket: $60 (lunch included)
    • Audit Ticket (no certificate): $30 (lunch included)
    • Lunch is included, but participants will be responsible for breakfast ticket if purchased at Steak & Egg.

    Items to bring:

    • handgun and 100 rounds of ammo (if you don't have one yet, one will be available to rent)
    • hat with bill or bring
    • ear & eye protection
    • $12 for range fee

    Includes FREE OK2A Basic Membership

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  • What's New

    Action Alert: House Leadership Stalls Gun Bill

    As I am sure you have noticed, we have not put out many alerts this year.  We have hoped to work with the new leadership team in the State House and have given them ample opportunity to advance the rights of gun owners in Oklahoma.  However, the new leadership has shown that they are not so receptive to our cause. 

    OK2A has an important amendment we are preparing for the House floor.  HB1936 by Rep. Calvey, the OK2A requested bill that would lower the price of the handgun license and would change the procedures for processing those licenses, ran into trouble when OSBI began lobbying against it.  OSBI went beyond advising legislators, warning that the sky would fall if we make it easier for citizens to defend themselves.  Unfortunately, some key legislators, including the House Floor Leader, Representative Ortega, have chosen to stand with those who would restrict our right to self-defense.  He refused to hear HB1936 so we have asked Rep. Calvey to re-file his bill as an amendment to SB56, which is currently awaiting a hearing on the House Floor.

    Representative Ortega has vowed, once again, to stand against your right to defend yourself.  He has made it clear he will not allow SB56 to the floor if the amendment is filed.  Representative Ortega needs to hear from you.  We need you to call or email both Floor Leader Ortega and Speaker Hickman and request that they allow the SB56 and Rep. Calvey's SDA Amendment to be heard.  Please be polite, but firm.  If they ask you if you live in their district, politely remind them that as legislative leaders, their decisions effect every Oklahoman so it should make no difference where you live.

    Representative Ortega: (405) 557-7369 or charles.ortega@okhouse.gov
    Speaker Hickman: (405) 557-7339 or jwhickman@okhouse.gov

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  • OK2A Meetings (4/13/15)

    Meetings held at restaurants: It is not required that you order dinner but we encourage everyone to patronize these businesses that do not restrict your ability to carry.

    This Week:

    • Monday, April 13 - Lawton group meets at 6:30 pm at Billy Sim's BBQ (1820 W Gore Blvd) in Lawton.
    • Thursday, April 16 - Tulsa group meets at 6:00 pm at 2A Shooting Center (4616 E Admiral Pl) in Tulsa.
    • Thursday, April 16 - Tea Party of Central Oklahoma* meets at 6:30 pm at Van's Pig Stand (717 E Highland) in Shawnee.
    • Thursday, April 16 - Freedom Fellowship meets at 7:00 pm at Heartland HQ (4506 S Vancouver) in Tulsa.


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  • Legislative Update (4/13/15)

    The third legislative deadline has now passed and the following bills are awaiting floor votes:

    House of Representatives:

    • SB41 - Updates the definition of a pistol in the Self Defense Act.
    • SB56 - Removes the requirement to list your Social Security Number on the handgun license application.
    • SB164 - Limits the handgun license preclusion for misdemeanor drug convictions to ten years.
    • SB525 - Allows for Dept. of Corrections employees to keep their handgun locked in their car on DOC parking lots (Car Carry will be amended into this bill on the House floor).


    • HB1460 - Adds knives to state preemption statutes.
    • HB1911 - Removes switchblades from the list of prohibited weapons.
    • HB2014 - Allows for school districts to send teachers and staff through training to carry a weapon in schools.
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  • OK2A Endorses Brogdon for State GOP Chair

    OK2A announced Wednesday that its Board of Directors has voted to endorse Randy Brogdon for Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.  "We believe there are three critical things that the next chairman of the Oklahoma GOP must do: engage and educate the grassroots on the GOP platform, inform the party activists as to the legislators' performance relative to the platform, and get the state GOP's message of liberty, self-reliance, and personal responsibility in the media.  It was the consensus of our Board that Brogdon is the best candidate to get the job done," said OK2A President, Tim Gillespie. 

    OK2A sent questionnaires to all three candidates for chairman.  After careful consideration of their answers, OK2A urges delegates to support Brogdon at the Oklahoma Republican Convention on April 11.

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  • Legislative Update (3/31/15)

    The last couple of weeks have been quiet.  With spring break and the passing of the deadline for bills to be passed out of the chamber of origin, there hasn't been much to report.  We are expecting some movement with the bills remaining over the next two weeks.  We will send out alerts as necessary if any of these bills face opposition.

    As a reminder, the following bills are still moving through the process and await hearings in the Public Safety Committees of the House and Senate.

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