Bill Search

Legislature Homepage:

To locate the status or read the text of current bills, go to the Oklahoma Legislature’s homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page.  In the lower left corner (pictured to the right), enter the bill number in the field under “find legislation” and click “search.”

NOTE: Using this search box will only bring up bills filed during the CURRENT legislature (2017 and 2018 sessions).

To View History or Status:

To view the current status or the history of a bill (e.g., what committee it is assigned to, whether a vote has taken place, etc…), click on the “history” tab.

NOTE: The history tab is the default tab.

To Read the Bill:

To read the actual text of a bill, click the “versions” tab and a list of bill versions and reports will appear. Be sure to click the most recent version of the bill. If you are unsure what the “names” of the versions are, check the date and click the version with the most recent date.

NOTE: Please keep in mind when reading an “introduced” version that sometimes mistakes are made by staff members when the bill is actually written. If you find a mistake we likely have already seen it (but feel free to let us know just in case we missed one). Sometimes those mistakes are typos but sometimes they actually alter the effects of the bill. When those mistakes are made, they are corrected as the bill is heard in committee.

To Check the Votes:

To see a roll call list of who voted for or against a bill, click the “votes” tab. You will find links to House and Senate floor votes and House committee votes.

NOTE: To see how senators voted in committee, you have to click the “history” tab and find the date the vote was taken. Use the Senate Journal page number listed to look up the roll call vote in the Senate Journal.