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What Does OK2A Do?

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  • Maintain a daily presence at the state capitol during session.
  • Bring together the best and brightest including legislators, attorneys, law professors, and 2nd Amendment experts to craft sound public policy.
  • Provide research and wording to legislators for 2nd Amendment legislation.
  • Organize grassroots to support pro-2nd Amendment legislation.
  • Educate legislators, the media and public about the Founders’ intent concerning the 2nd Amendment.
  • We have formed 2nd Amendment chapters in nearly every county that meet regularly. Find your county here!

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Some of our Successes

Signing of Constitutional Carry Bill, Legislators and Gov. Stitt and Don Spencer

Oklahoma Is An Open & Permitless Carry State

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First state to pass Anti-Red Flag Law

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Prohibit Critical Race Theory in Schools

church building

Religious Institutions cannot be declared Nonessential

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