2018 Legislative Session

Introduced Bills

To check the status or read the texts of the bills listed, visit the Oklahoma Legislature’s website. Click here for directions on how to use the oklegislature.gov website to search for bills.

Bills Requested by OK2A

HB2527 (Cleveland) – Employees of a Courthouse Carry
HB2632 (Babinec) – Places of Worship to be Amended
HB2918 (Coody) – Conceal Carry on Private Property
HB2943 (Newton) – Legal Resident carry
HB2951 (Coody) – Constitutional Carry
HB2975 (Frix) – Repeal of Billy to be Amended
HB3287 (Enns) – NO Public Dollars to Lobby
HB3656 (McDugle) – Constitutional Carry
HB3693 (Calvey) – Reduce SDA Fees and Repeal Fingerprinting Requirement
SB910 (Dahm) – Self Defense While Hunting Bow Scouting
SB957 (Bergstrom) – Places of Worship
SB964 (Bergstrom) – LE Carry Throughout the State Anywhere
SB1158 (Scott) – Felony Passenger in Vehicle
SB1159 (Scott) – College Campus Carry
SB1207 (Dahm) – Public Funds Used to Lobby
SB1212 (Dahm) – Include Wildlife Refuge in Places to Carry
SB1213 (Dahm) – Car Carry
SB1214 (Dahm) – Firearm Freedom Act
SB1215 (Dahm) – Ok Firearm Preservation Act
SB1216 (Dahm) – Constitutional Carry
SB1224 (Brecheen) – Constitutional Carry
SBSB1225 (Brecheen) – Public Funds Used to Lobby
SB1226 (Brecheen) – Lower SDA Fees and Repeal Fingerprinting Requirement
SB1227 (Brecheen) – Constitutional Carry
SB1235 (Bergstrom) – Definitions of a Rifle and Shotgun
SB1265 (Dahm) – Constitutional carry
SB1306 (Silk) – Private Property Conceal Carry
SB1307 (Silk) – Employee Courthouse Carry
SB1308 (Silk) – State Preemption Adding Policy
SB1457 (Dahm) – Almighty God
SB1519 (Dahm) – Repeal Billy
SB1562 (Sykes) – Burden of Proof

Bills that Currently Oppose 2nd Amendment

HB2511 (Teague) – Anti ivory includes guns. Leaves decision up to the ODWC,

HB2889 (Taylor) – Fingerprinting Fees MUST BE AMENDED

SB991 (Sparks) – OPPOSE!! Repeal teacher carry that passed in 2014.

Other Bills to Watch

HB2952 (Coody) – Depredating Animals
HB3071 (Worthen) – Stolen Firearm is Felony
SB1095 (Rader) – Theft of a Firearm
SB1098 (Treat) – Theft of a Firearm
SB1180 (Boggs) – Non Resident Lifetime License
SB1182 (Boggs) – Resident Hunting License
SB1458 (Silk) – Spotlighting
SB1488 (Kidd) – Legacy Landowner