2021 Bills

Summary of Bills Introduced in the 2021 Oklahoma Legislature

This page will give you a brief update on the bills affecting our gun rights in the state of Oklahoma as we move through the 2021 Legislative Oklahoma Capitol buildingSession.

HB2645 Omnibus Bill by Echols  2-2-2021 Talking points

This bill has 5 bills combined into one.  Four of the five were passed by the house last year.  These bills were and still are in agreement with by OK2A and Oklahoma Municipal League.

  1. Last year’s Constitutional Carry clean up. Amending the word pistol to the broader term of FIREARM. Clarifying a firearm cannot be carried in bare hands and must be in a holster, sling or scabbard in a general vertical position. Clarifying where events can and can not prohibit firearm carry on public property. Clarifying the carry on public trust properties. Changes immune from to shall not be subject to because of the McNeily case by the Criminal Court of Appeals in 2017.
  1. Carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Clarifying a person does not need to be licensed and can be in the bar area as long as they are not “Consuming” alcohol. Consuming is defined in the bill.
    Repeals felony for a customer peacefully in a restaurant that serves alcohol. This only applies to a person with a carry license now. Clarifies the carry into a liquor store is lawful. The business still can prohibit a person to carry on the property.

  1. Strengthen the state preemption for a violation of rights. Provides a 90 day window for municipalities to correct old illegal ordinances that is out of date such as gun prohibition in city parks.
  1. Owner of a private business cannot prohibit an employee for carrying a firearm in the vehicle using their own vehicle while doing work for the employer.
  1. The transport of a fully loaded long gun in or on a vehicle. This removes the confusion for Law Enforcement and citizens since the carry in lawful outside of the vehicle. LE under current law can NOT inspect any firearm unless they can articulate a criminal act.
  1. Municipal employee carry HB1897. This passed the house last year. With the approval of the city council, certain employees with valid Handgun Licenses would be allowed to carry handguns while on the job. Immunity is already established for the municipalities.

AMEND THE BILL is language agreed upon by OK2A and Oklahoma Municipal League.

Amend HB1897 into HB2645. This bill passed the House in 2020 and with the approval of a city council, certain employees can carry a concealed handgun while on the job. Language provided by OML and agreed to by OK2A.