2021 Voting Scorecard

2021 Legislative Scorecard

We’ve got the 2021 2nd Amendment Legislative Session Scorecard here in a downloadable pdf format. Click the link to open and view, or right-click on the link to download to your computer.  We have the scorecard below if you’d just like to view it.

This scorecard is based on our elected representatives voting record on these bills:

SB368 – Religious institutions cannot be declared non-essential (became law)
SB541 – No business closure during pandemic without due process  (not passed)
SB631 – 2A Sanctuary (with cutoff at 1968 GCA) (became law)
SB646 – Carry into restaurants and bars if not drinking (became law)Sen. Nathan Dahm, Rep. Jay Steagall, Don Spencer, Gov. Kevin Stitt
SB672 – Allow chamber loaded long gun in vehicle (became law)
SB839 – Game Warden needs permission to place camera (became law)
SB925 – Private Property Protection Act (not passed)
HB1236 – 10th Amendment, State’s Rights (became law)
HB1674 – Driver escaping crowd unlawfully blocking road/vehicle (became law)
HB1775 – Prohibit Critical Race Theory being taught in schools (became law)
HB2588 – Teacher Carry (not passed)
HB2645 – Omni-Lite, gun rights in public event venues (became law)

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2021 Oklahoma Legislative Accomplishments Voting Records

2021 Oklahoma Legislattive Results2021 Oklahoma Legislative Accomplishments