Protect Thy Neighbor

Help Thy Neighbor

Everyone who chooses to own and/or carry a firearm may one day be forced to make the decision to intervene (or to not intervene) in a fight or conflict between or among other people. Some people who have been in a firefight with real, live ammunition will say that everything happens so fast you barely have time to react. Others will say that it seems as though time rapidly slows to a halt, and it all seems to almost happen in slow motion. Regardless of how you think you will (or should) respond, the important thing is to prepare yourself ahead of time by knowing the law and the subsequent consequences that could follow if you choose to involve yourself in a third party conflict while carrying.

Member Ambassador Sherry Hale interviews U.S. Law Shield of Oklahoma Independent Program Attorney Robert Robles to learn how good samaritans can stay out of legal trouble if faced with these dangerous situations.

U.S. Law Shield


Coming to the Aid of a Third Party

Learn more about what U.S. Law Shield does for people who carry and are called upon to defend their life, their family, or their property.