Senate Committee Rejects Car Carry

Senate Committee Rejects Car Carry

Three gun bills were passed through committees this week:

  • HB1104 – Allows county elected officials to carry a handgun in the courthouse in which they work with an handgun license.
  • HB1550 – Allows handgun licensees to store a handgun in a locking saddlebag on a motorcycle while parked in a parking lot.
  • SB397 – Allow handgun licensees to carry on public buses (not including school buses).

Senate Committee Rejects Car Carry

The Oklahoma City Chamber came out in opposition to HB2323, again disseminating misleading information about another gun bill (we will release more information about this over the weekend). Unfortunately, seven members (two democrats and five republicans) of the Senate Public Safety Committee decided to join the OKC Chamber in trampling the 2nd Amendment rights of Oklahomans. For those who occasionally get aggravated at OK2A-Association for calling republicans on the carpet who don’t support the 2nd Amendment, this vote is one more example of republicans failing to honor their oath to support the Constitution.

HB2323 contained two important pro-2nd Amendment reforms. First, it corrects a problem within state law that allows law-abiding gun owners who point a firearm in self-defense to be charged with a felony. It also allows law-abiding citizens, 21 years of age and older who are not felons and are legally able to possess a handgun to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle without a handgun license. Every state that borders Oklahoma has some form of unlicensed carry. Unfortunately for Oklahoma, our republican super majorities in the State Legislature have decided Oklahomans can’t be trusted as much as the people in our bordering states.

The Seven Senators Voting Against the 2nd Amendment

We want to thank the four senators who supported the 2nd Amendment today when this important vote was taken: Senators Brecheen, Dugger, Fry, and Paxton.