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Yes, there are other “gun groups” in Oklahoma. So, why should you support the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association? No other gun-rights group in Oklahoma has the record of success that OK2A has. As the only group with a daily presence at the State Capitol (not even the NRA can say that), we have worked tirelessly to advance the rights of gun owners in Oklahoma and it has paid off. Below is a list of the initiatives that OK2A has helped pass, most of which we actually requested and provided the language for (these bills have an asterisk in front of them).

Right to Keep & Bear Arms Issues

  • *Businesses given immunity from liability for allowing patrons to carry.
  • *Employees given immunity from liability for allowing employees to carry.
  • *Places of worship given immunity from liability for allowing carry in their facilities.
  • *Clarification of penalty for carrying in an establishment that is marked no carry: it is a simple trespass violation (some law enforcement agencies and DA’s were attempting to prosecute these violations as crimes).
  • *Temporary permit for people with a victim’s protective order.
  • *Removed spring assisted knives from list of prohibited weapons.
  • *Meetings dropped from list of prohibited places.
  •  Added places of business to castle doctrine.
  • *SDA permit holders allowed to keep weapon in locked vehicle while at a Vo-Tech.
  • *Private property rights of private schools restored so they are able to set their own weapons policies for their facilities.
  • *Private schools given immunity from liability for allowing staff and visitors to carry.
  • *Illegal for state or local government to confiscate or restrict otherwise legal use of weapons, ammunition, and accessories during a declared state of emergency (includes the ability to file a civil lawsuit against the parties involved if this law is broken).
  • *Clarification of law to include ammo in section requiring employers to allow employees to keep their weapon in their locked car while at work (this was in response to a hospital policy forbidding employees from having ammunition in their car while they were at work—they allowed weapons, but not ammo, because the law only specifically mentioned the weapon).
  • *Private property rights restored by recognizing the right of property owners to carry an unconcealed weapon without a permit on their property outside of their dwelling place for the purpose of self-defense.
  • *SDA licenses mailed directly to first-time applicant rather than to the sheriff.
  • *Residents & military personnel who are out of the country no longer have to surrender their permit.
  • Suppressed hunting.
  • People from non-permitting states (constitutional carry states) may carry their concealed firearm in Oklahoma using their driver’s license as a permit.
  • Established Second Amendment Day in Oklahoma—June 28th.
  • *Open carry.
  • *Peace officers allowed to open carry with SDA license.
  • *Changed required police notification for SDA permit holder from first contact to first opportunity
  • *Prohibited law enforcement from detaining or removing the weapon from SDA permit holder.
  • *Prohibited law enforcement and local authorities from treating open carry as disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, or any other similar offense against the public order.
  • *Businesses that do not allow carry must mark their doors.
  • *Removed OSBI administrative fine on SDA permit holders for failing to notify police they were carrying (this was essentially a double fine because you had the criminal fine and the OSBI fine—now the permit holder is only punished once).

Industry Issues

  • *Removed requirement for SDA instructors to be re-fingerprinted every time they renew their license.
  • *Allow SDA instructors to apply for 10-year or 5-year license instead of only a 5-year license.
  • *Clarified that the limit of 10 students per instructor was only on the range portion and not on the classroom portion of the SDA class.
  • Immunity for gun ranges from liability when an accident occurs that was no fault of the range or its personnel.

Anti-Liberty Measures Defeated

  • Bill adding public parks and recreational facilities during a youth sporting activity to the list of SDA prohibited place.
  • Bill forbidding Oklahoma residents from carrying with an out of state carry permit.
  • Bill extending residency requirement from six-months to one-year to obtain a lifetime hunting license.
  • Bill allowing Attorney General and Assistant Attorney’s General to disregard private property rights by giving them the power to carry anywhere in the state whether on duty or off duty (this would mean in your house while off-duty and without a warrant).
  • Bill allowing police chiefs to disregard private property rights by giving them the power to carry anywhere in the state while on or off duty (this would mean in your house while off-duty and without a warrant).
  • Red Flag Laws
  • Nullify the Stand Your Ground Law

2021 Legislative Accomplishments

The 2021 Legislative Session has successfully concluded with a great response from our legislators and governor.

The Bills approved for 2021 are below.

Oklahoma Final Bill Status of 2021 Legislative Session

2020 Legislative Accomplishments

August 5, 2020 State Senator Nathan Dahm, Representative Jay Steagall and Don Spencer met with Governor Kevin Stitt for the ceremonial signing of the Nation’s First Anti-Red Flag Law. Thank you gentlemen for your hard work to defend the rights of Oklahomans across this state.

Sen. Nathan Dahm, Rep. Jay Steagall, Don Spencer, Gov. Kevin Stitt

2020 Legislative Scorecard

We’ve got the 2020 2nd Amendment Legislative Session Scorecard here in a downloadable pdf format. Click the above link to open and view. You can choose to download it to your computer.

2019 Legislative Accomplishments

Bills Signed by Governor… HB2597 ConSTITTutional Carry, SB24 Shockwave Firearms will be legal to possess. HB2010 Carry on Public Trust Properties.

2019 Legislative Scorecard

We have for you a downloadable pdf we call our 2nd amendment Legislative Scorecard. It gives an overall grade (A-F) of each house and senate member for the 2019 legislative season.

We encourage you to download and keep this as valuable information with 2020 being an election year.

Below is the summary, by party of how our elected officials voted on 2nd amendment 2019 Legislative Scorecard Summary

Remaining bills still active – does this need to be removed?

*SB24 Definitions shotgun Bergstrom Steagall SIGNED BY GOVERNOR. SB 24 amends the definition of a handgun within the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to exclude any firearm with an overall length of 26 inches or more. The measure also amends the definition of a shotgun to allow barrels with a length of less than 18 inches provided the overall length of the firearm is 26 inches or more. The definition of sawed-off-shotguns excludes firearms with an overall length of 26 inches or more. Both definitions of a shotgun and sawed-off-shotgun are amended to simplify the use of propellants to only include a combustible propellant charge. The definition of pistols or handguns is also amended to reflect the definition of such firearms found in the Oklahoma Firearms Act of 1971. The measure permits the possession of a sawed-off-shotgun or any other firearm in the state provided the weapon is classified as an antique or is lawfully possessed under federal law. Possession of any “firearm” that is not classified as such under the National Firearms Act is also permitted by the measure.

*HB2010 Public Trust Rep. Echols 7-0 94-0 To be voted on the Senate Floor passed 39-4. SIGNED. HB2010 authorizes those who may lawfully carry a firearm to carry a firearm in any municipal zoo or Public Trust park of any size that is owned, leased, operated or managed by a public trust, provided the person conceals the firearm and does not openly carry it. The measure also amends sections of law related to unlawful carry in certain places to comply with recent changes to statutes governing concealed and unconcealed carry.

*HB2236 by S. Roberts and Sen. Bullard. Passed House 72-25 Hybrid Teacher carry. HB 2336 allows a local board of education to adopt a policy to authorize the carrying of a handgun onto school property by school personnel who hold a valid reserve peace officer certification, or is an employee who possesses a valid handgun license. Passed Senate Education Committee. Senate leadership refused to put the bill on the senate floor for a vote. It will be pushed for next year.

*SB927 Removal of Feral Hogs TS Passed Murdock  To be heard in House Wildlife Committee Next Wednesday. SB 927 authorizes persons to hunt feral swine at night with the permission of the landowner and without obtaining a license to hunt wildlife. Furthermore, such persons may use a vehicle- mounted spotlight to aid in the hunt. Representative Kerbs said he would transfer the bill to another committee then did not. This effectively stopped the bill for this year.

*HB1214 Permanent Resident can apply for an SDA License Rep Newton SPSC. This bill was signed.

SB319 Civil Asset Forfeiture Dahm 12-0 Passed Senate 46-0 It is in Senate Public Safety Committee. SB 319 requires law enforcement agency seizing property to submit an annual report to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore, the Speaker, and the Office of the State Auditor and Inspector identifying the property seized and the disposition of the property. The bill may not advance this year.

SB361 Free Speech on a college campus. SB 361 classifies all outdoor areas of campuses of public higher education institutions as public forums and prohibits these institutions from establishing “free speech” zones, outside of which, expressive activities are prohibited. Any restrictions on public expression must be narrowly tailored in service of a significant institutional interest and must be clear and concise. The measure permits any person to engage in noncommercial expressive activity on campus so long as they do not cause a material disruption.

Public institutions of higher education must publish its regulations and expectations on the conduct of their students related to public expression and educate their staff on the institution’s guidelines. The measure also directs public institutions to submit a report detailing their policies and compliance with the measure to the Legislature and Governor.

Any institution sued by an aggrieved party shall be subject to a penalty of at least $5,000.00. The measure requires aggrieved parties to bring suit for a violation of the measure’s provisions within at least one year of the violation.

HB2286 by Wright. This bill adds the NICS Check to the background check ground check for a Oklahoma Handgun License. The bill was amended in the senate so will return to the house for a final vote before. OK2A supports this bill with the amendment.

SB708 by David. Allows municipal employees to carry handguns with approval by a city council but it’s is to high a standard set. A person must be a commissioned officer or Armed Security Guard and have an SDA License. OK2A did not oppose the bill but did not support it either. It was amended to clarify immunity for the municipality and will return to the senate for a final vote. We do not see very many cities or employees participating in this. It should be on an SDA license only.

SB566 by Murdock Allows for guides on public hunting property. VETOED

*HB2612 Signed by Governor. Protecting citizens rights to own and keep firearms while in possession of an MMC.

2018 Legislative Accomplishments

  1. *SB1212 Dahm/S Roberts Clarifying language a person can carry under the SDA on a wildlife management area.. AMENDED Passed House Floor with Constitutional Carry  59-28  Passed Senate 33-9.         VETOED!!! By Governor.
  2. *HB2632 By Babinec /Bergstrom Places of Worship immunity broaden.
  3. *HB2527 by Cleveland/Dahm Employee Courthouse carry Passed Senate PSC 6-0. The bill was amended to clarify Sherriff’s would provide approval for employees to carry in a courthouse. It also provides County Commissioners can approve carry in courthouse annex for certain personnel.
  4. *HB3353 by S Roberts/Dahm Clarifies language for carry during scouting, hunting or fishing and on wildlife management areas.
  5. *HB2625 by K West/Bergstrom Changes “Anywhere” language to “Throughout the state.” Clarifying language to protect Oklahomans 4th Amendment right.
  6.  HB2889 by Taylor/Scott Clarifies Language Sheriffs can lower SDA application fee.. Not requested by OK2A but supported.

2017 Legislative Accomplishments

  1. *SB35, Amending 21 O.S. section 1290.8, David/McDugle: Active military may carry a firearm on an active military ID, plus an (OK photo id) Oklahoma drivers license or State photo I.D., military personnel must be 21 years or older, active member of the Reserve, National Guard, active Guard Reserve or active military technician.
  2. *SB36, Definition of a pistol, Bergstrom/Cleveland: Amends 21 O.S. section 1289.3, allows singe or multiple projectiles from a single round of ammunition and amends gas and rocket propulsion to: “a combustible propellant charge.”
  3. *SB40, Amends 21 O.S. section 1289.16, Felony Pointing, and section 1289.25, Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground, Bergstrom/Cleveland:, Title, Felony Pointing, Section 1289.16, Amended to: “Except for an act of self-defense”,.. it shall be unlawful to point. Legislature stressed self defense.. Section 1289.25, Legislature modified “force” to “defensive force” at paragraph F and G; modified paragraph I, changing pistol to weapon; and, added paragraph J: “A person pointing a weapon at a perpetrator in self-defense or in order to thwart, stop or deter a forcible felony or attempted forcible felony shall not be deemed guilty of committing a criminal act..” Paragraph K was amended to define “Defensive Force”, includes, but shall not be limited to, pointing a weapon at a perpetrator in self-defense or in order to thwart, stop or deter a forcible felony or attempted forcible felony.
  4. *SB288, Amended 21 O.S. section 1290.22, Business Owners Rights, Dossett/ Coody: Driver Carry. At paragraph F, immunity extended to business entity’s vehicle when a company driver is not prohibited by company from carrying a firearm.
  5. *SB397, Amending 21 O.S. section 1902, Newhouse/ Babinec: SB 397 amends the Bus Legislation definitions, at section 1902, SB 397 Repeals paragraph D, of 21 O.S. section 1903, not found in the Self Defense Act, but very important, 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine for carrying a firearm on a bus is repealed to allow CCL licensee to carry a firearm on a bus.
  6. *HB1104: Amends 21 O.S. section 1277, Elected County Officials under the authority of the SDA may Carry a firearm in the courthouse where they are elected.
  7. * HB1550, Faught/Fields: Amended 21 O.S. section 1277, Clarified motorcycle carry and parking, to include a motorcycle as a motor vehicle allowed to have a locked compartment for storage of a firearm in designated parking places, under the specific authority of the SDA.
  1. HB2324, Amending 29 O.S. section 4-107.2, Coody /Scott: State authorization to shoot deprecating animals, coyotes, feral hogs and other deprecating species from aircraft and helicopters. Special permits from the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission required.
  2. HB1428, A New Law, creating the Handgun Carry Military Age Exemption Act.

2016 Legislative Accomplishments

  1. *HB1057 public property is always public even when an event permit is authorized by a municipality shall not prohibit the peaceful carry of handguns.
  2. *HB1142 Vetoed by Governor. Private property can control feral swine with permission to control or kill.

2015 Legislative Accomplishments

  1. *HB1460 Wallace/Dahm Senate Public Safety Committee- adds knives to the state preemption laws and allows schools to set their own policies governing the possession of knives on their property.
  2. *HB1911 Jordan/ Silk Senate Public Safety Committee – removes switchblades from the list of prohibited weapons.
  3. HB2014 -by Jeff Coody/Barrington School Districts allow teacher carry.
  4. *SB164 Stanislawski/Vaughan House Public Safety Committee – changes the Self Defense Act which currently precludes anyone with a misdemeanor drug conviction from obtaining a handgun license.  This bill would limit that preclusion to misdemeanors under ten years old.  The bill passed the Senate floor 47 ayes to 0 nays. In House PS Committee.
  5. *SB56 Dahm/Vaughan – House Public Safety Committee. Removes the requirement to include your Social Security Number on the application for an SDA handgun license.
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