Legislation Proposed for 2021

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Bills Being Crafted for the Upcoming 2021 Oklahoma Legislative Session

Don Spencer, President of OK2A, goes over the bills being worked on now for the Oklahoma Legislative session starting in February of 2021.

Explanations of Bills for 2021

List as of 12-22-2020 – This list is as of this date and realize things can change quickly. Keep visiting our blog or sign up to be alerted when a new post comes out.

 Bergstrom SB18 Second Amendment Protection Act

This makes Oklahoma a Sanctuary for Second Amendment rights

 Bergstrom   Private Property Protection Act

This bill expands the castle doctrine of absolute safety in you home or business all the way to the edge of your property. It also includes defending property as well as defending a life. It also provides an definition of Defensive Display. Making it legal to say you have, produce display and point a firearm for defense of person or property.


This bill has 5 bills rolled into one 4 of the 5 were passed by the house last year. Last years Constitutional Carry clean, Carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol,  Strengthen the state pre-emption for a violation of rights and the transport of a fully loaded long gun in or on a vehicle.

 Bergstrom Capitol Carry for legislators

Bergstrom  Carry into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol

Places of Worship are essential business and cannot prohibit gathering.

Municipal employee carry

Municipal employees would be able to carry a concealed handgun while on the job and in some government buildings with the approval of the city council.

Change state constitution
Senate Joint Resolution.  Will go to a vote of the people once approved by Legislature

Article 2 Section 26.   Proposed language.

  1. The fundamental right of each individual citizen to keep and to bear arms in defense of person, or property, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, nonlethal defensive weapons and other arms in common use, as well as ammunition and the components of arms and ammunition, for self-defense, lawful hunting and recreation, in aid of the civil power, when thereunto lawfully summoned, or for any other legitimate purpose shall not be infringed.
  2. This section shall not prevent the State Legislature from enforcing or adopting narrowly tailored time, place, and manner regulations, or authorizing political subdivisions to adopt and enforce such regulations, to serve a compelling state interest.
  3. No law shall impose registration or special taxation upon the keeping of arms, including the acquisition, ownership, possession or transfer of arms, ammunition or the components of arms or ammunition.

Teacher Carry

Teachers with school board approval and a valid SDA License would be able to carry a concealed handgun while in class.

Capitol Carry Person with valid SDA could carry concealed handgun while at the state capital.

Carry on Lake Carl Blackwell

Lake Carl Blackwell is property owned by OSU and since it is a property of higher education, firearms are prohibited from carry outside of a vehicle. There is no classroom facilities and it is basically a state park. This would allow the carry on the property.

Firearm Rights Restoration Act?

This bill would restore some of the rights of a convicted non violet felon. The person would have to wait 5 years past the completion of the sentence and probation. After that time with no other arrest or convictions of a felony or misdemeanor, the person would be able to have and own and carry a NON-semi automatic firearm.

Felon Passenger This bill would allow a person who has had a felony to be a passenger in a vehicle of a person in lawful possession of a firearm.

First Responders Carry      This bill would allow a person with a valid SDA license to carry while on the job into and onto Prohibited places under 1277 of state law.

College Campus Carry

Person with a valid SDA License could carry on a college campus with some other restriction.

Capital Carry for citizens Person with valid SDA License could carry in state capital.

Blocking of roadways Provides physical and civil protections to a driver of a vehicle who is on a roadway that is unlawfully blocked by a mob or looters.

Prohibit Game wardens leaving cameras on private      property without the property owner’s permission.

No license required to sight in or target practice on public ranges.

Capitol concealed capitol carry with SDA license

Burden of Proof

Long gun car carry . The carry long guns fully loaded while in a vehicle.

Nuisance animals


Private vehicles used for a business shall not prohibit the carry of firearms. Uber drivers

House  BILLS

Omnibus Bill 

Burden of proof
Requires the state to provide the burden of proof so either charges are filed or dropped for a person who is involved in a self defense act.

Firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol

Home education and firearm images. There have been students and family punished because the image of a firearm or even a tank was in the background while the student was at HOME and on zoom class time.

Firearms Rights Restoration Act

SDA for Nics Check.  SDA License can be used for background check to purchase a firearm.    

Second Amendment Protection Act asserts Tenth Amendment to states rights on protecting firearms.

Public funds used against the Second Amendment

Makes it a crime to use public funds against the Second Amendment.

Defensive display

Private Property Protection Act -Same description as Senate Bergstrom bill

Wearing of Mask

Teacher Carry

Municipal Employee Carry

Places of Worship is Essential Business

This bill will place “Places of worship” on a permanent list of essential businesses to protect the first amendment right of religion and the right to gather.

Felon Passenger

Air Soft gun discharge in city limits.

Many municipalities have ordinances against the discharge of pellet air guns. This bill will allow it as long as the pellet does not leave the property. Penalties if it does.

Blocking of roadways by mobs

Capitol Carry

Lake Carl Blackwell