Legislative Update, Mar 2nd

OK2A Legislative Update

7 Bills Passed Out of Committee this Week

HB3353 [Roberts] – Carry handgun while scouting, hunting and fishing. – Passed 6-1

HB3693 [Calvey] – SDA bill lowers SDA licensing fees to $25 and repeals fingerprinting requirement. – Passed 7-3

HB3192 [Coody] – Teacher carry with SDA. – Passed 11-5

HB2951 [Coody] – Constitutional carry. – Passed 10-6

HB2918 [Coody] – Conceal carry on private property. – Passed 11-3

HB2943 [Newton] – Legal resident may apply for a weapons license. – Passed 17-0

HB2889 [Taylor] – Sheriffs can lower fees on SDA license application. – Passed 15-0

Other Bills Heading for Floor Votes

HB2625 [Rep. Kevin West] – “Anywhere” language changed to “throughout the state.”

HB2626 – Burden of proof.

HB2713 – Car carry.

HB2632 [Babinec / Bergstrom] – HJC Places of Worship bill.
This bill brings places of worship under the Make My Day Law just like a home or business. The objective is to protect a church from being sued out of existence for a self-defense action. This bill does NOT stop a church from prohibiting weapons on the property. All republicans voted for the bill along with Rep. Tadlock for the Democrats. This bill was attempted to be torpedoed by the Oklahoma State Chamber and the Midsize City Coalition, which includes Game Wardens, OK Troopers Association, OU, OSU and many other publicly funded entities.

HB2527 [Cleveland/Dahm] – HPS County Employee Carry
The bill allows certain employees approved by the Board of County Commissioners to carry into the courthouse.

SB910 [Dahm/ Roberts] – SPS Add Carry While Scouting, Hunting
This bill clarifies a person with an SDA license can carry while scouting, hunting, or fishing.

SB1212 [Dahm/ Roberts] – SPS Clarify Carry on Wildlife Management Areas
This bill clarifies language that a person with an SDA license can carry for self-defense on a wildlife management area.

SB1158 [Scott/ Faught] – SPS Felon Passenger
This bill repeals the felony charge against a person who is a convicted felon and is a passenger in a vehicle with a driver that is in legal possession of a firearm.

SB957 [Bergstrom/Josh West] – SPS Places of Worship
This bill adds places of Worship to the Make My Day Law so a church has civil immunity from being sued for a self-defense action. The bill will be amended to clarify definition of the place of worship.

I can’t thank enough to all the supporters that sent emails, made calls and showed up this week at the capitol in support of these important rights.

A special thanks to the Committee Chairs, Representatives Bob Cleveland, Josh Cockroft, George Faught and Chris Kannady for hearing these bills this week.

Don Spencer
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

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