Let’s Stay Focused

Let's Stay Focused

SB1212 (constitutional carry) will be heard in the Senate next week! Call & email every senator and politely ask them to vote YES on SB1212.

Please keep your message(s) polite, very short, and to the point.

  1. Your SUBJECT line should read, Vote YES on SB1212.
  2. Enter your own email address in the TO: field of your email.
  3. Select (highlight / copy) all the email addresses below exactly how they are displayed, and paste them into the BCC: (blind carbon copy) field in the new email you are sending.
  4. Send your email.

Call & email today, Monday, and Tuesday also! We will notify you what day the bill will be heard so you can show up in support of SB1212 at the Capitol with us.

If you are not an OK2A member, please join today — we need your support! This is a team effort, and we need you on the team.

Send your email to ALL senators. Thank you!

allen@oksenate.gov; bass@oksenate.gov; bergstrom@oksenate.gov; bice@oksenate.gov; boggs@oksenate.gov; brecheen@oksenate.gov; brooks@oksenate.gov; brownb@oksenate.gov; dahm@oksenate.gov; daniels@oksenate.gov; david@oksenate.gov; dossett@oksenate.gov; dugger@oksenate.gov; efields@oksenate.gov; floyd@oksenate.gov; fry@oksenate.gov; griffin@oksenate.gov; ikley-freeman@oksenate.gov; jech@oksenate.gov; kidd@oksenate.gov; leewright@oksenate.gov; matthews@oksenate.gov; mccortney@oksenate.gov; murdock@oksenate.gov; newhouse@oksenate.gov; paxton@oksenate.gov; pederson@oksenate.gov; pemberton@oksenate.gov; pittman@oksenate.gov; pugh@oksenate.gov; quinn@oksenate.gov; rader@oksenate.gov; rosino@oksenate.gov; schulz@oksenate.gov; paul.scott@oksenate.gov; sharp@oksenate.gov; shaw@oksenate.gov; silk@oksenate.gov; simpson@oksenate.gov; smalley@oksenate.gov; sparks@oksenate.gov; standridge@oksenate.gov; stanislawski@oksenate.gov; lewis@oksenate.gov; thompson@oksenate.gov; treat@oksenate.gov; yen@oksenate.gov

Mark Allen:  405-521-5576
Randy Bass:  405-521-5567
Micheal Bergstrom:  405-521-5561
Stephanie Bice:  405-521-5592
Larry Boggs:  405-521-5604
Josh Brecheen:  405-521-5586
Michael Brooks:  405-521-5557
Bill Brown:  405-521-5602
Nathan Dahm:  405-521-5551
Julie Daniels:  405-521-5634
Kim David:  405-521-5590
J.J. Dossett:  405-521-5566
Tom Dugger:  405-521-5572
Eddie Fields:  405-521-5581
Kay Floyd:  405-521-5610
Jack Fry:  405-521-5584
AJ Griffin:  405-521-5628
Allison Ikley-Freeman:  405-521-5600
Darcy Jech:  405-521-5545
Chris Kidd:  405-521-5563
James Leewright:  405-521-5528
Kevin Matthews:  405-521-5598
Greg McCortney:  405-521-5541
Casey Murdock:  405-521-5626
Joe Newhouse:  405-521-5675
Lonnie Paxton:  405-521-5537
Roland Pederson:  405-521-5630
Dewayne Pemberton:  405-521-5533
Anastasia Pittman :  405-521-5531
Adam Pugh:  405-521-5622
Marty Quinn:  405-521-5555
Dave Rader:  405-521-5620
Paul Rosino:  405-521-5618
Mike Schulz:  405-521-5612
Paul Scott:  405-521-5522
Ron Sharp:  405-521-5539
Wayne Shaw:  405-521-5574
Joseph Silk:  405-521-5614
Frank Simpson:  405-521-5607
Jason Smalley:  405-521-5547
John Sparks:  405-521-5553
Rob Standridge:  405-521-5535
Gary Stanislawski:  405-521-5624
Anthony Sykes:  405-521-5569
Roger Thompson:  405-521-5588
Greg Treat:  405-521-5632
Ervin Yen:  405-521-5543