Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Laws in Oklahoma

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Don Spencer, President of OK2A, recently did an interview with Oklahoma City’s Fox25 about the Castle Doctrine Law in Oklahoma. Spencer discussed how the current law works and what a homeowner and business owner can and can not do legally under current law.

Below is an excerpt from the article and video with a link to Fox25’s website to the video and complete article:

Castle Doctrine Law story from Fox25

“In a state with a rich history of guns and second amendment freedoms, situations on when and where you can legally defend yourself aren’t always as bulletproof as they may seem.

The castle doctrine or stand your ground laws are in force in Oklahoma and allow a person to defend themselves against threats to personal safety.

Don Spencer, president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association talked to FOX25 about the law and what exceptions there are when it comes to using lethal, deadly force in your home or place of business.

“A person has the right to expect absolute safety, that’s physical safety, within their own home. And also, under the stand your ground law, which basically means when you leave your home, you have the right to be able to defend yourself without having to run away, which could include deadly force if you’re convinced you’re going to be harmed or killed,” Spencer said.

But Spencer said there are exceptions to the law.”  (Click the link to read the entire story and see the video).