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A new addition to our website is a page dedicated to OK2A Chapter Meetings. Come back to our website to find out where and when all the Oklahoma Chapter meetings are. More will be added.

With the volatile actions of censorship taking place almost daily, it would be very wise to get involved with a local OK2A chapter in your area to maintain and ensure connectivity with this association. In the past, members have driven 1, 2 or 3 hours to attend a meeting.

Social Media platforms are deleting conservative groups on a regular basis. Conservative platforms are being taken down on the internet. Censorship is running rampant. Even our email service has deleted an Oklahoma based conservative, liberty group and cut them off at the knees, crippling their organization. It’s looking like it’s only a matter of time for OK2A.

The question is… what are you going to do?… where are you going to go if the communication network(s) vanishes? Your most safest & stable connection is with a local OK2A Chapter. Be prepared. Get involved.

Don’t have a chapter in your County?… Start one!… just like those who decided to do in their County. The response and attendance has been worthwhile and chapters are growing. Just contact OK2A through the email address,

list of OK2A meetings by countyALSO, don’t forget to join-in on the OK2A notification text alerts. There could be a last minute meeting cancellation, venue change or special notification for you and you wouldn’t get the notification. The instructions to join are posted, below.

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The 2021 Oklahoma Legislative session begins the first of February!
OK2A has some very important bills being introduced, this year, and YOU can be a part of history being made by being a part of getting these bills through the House & Senate and onto the Governor’s desk!

The OAEC ‘Oklahoma Legislative Guide‘ FREE phone app. is a constitutional, liberty-freedom loving, activist’s best friend. Search for it in your Google or Apple store. It lists all the State House Representatives and State Senators along with the US House & Senate members. It lists each ones district, counties in their district, phone number, email address, mailing address and room number at the Capitol.

If you don’t know who your State House Rep. & State Senator are, you can find them with this App.! Be sure to enter their name and number in your phone’s contact list for a speed dial. There is nothing more embarrassing than a 1st and/or 2nd Amendment Patriot/ Activist who does not know who his/ her State Rep. & Senator is!

During the Oklahoma legislative session (Feb.- May), be prepared to follow instructions from OK2A President, Don Spencer from our NEW Urgent Text Alert Notification System. It will usually involve calling or emailing one or more Oklahoma State Legislators and politely asking them to consider or reconsider an OK2A liberty bill, which Don is trying to get through the House and/or Senate, so it can get to the Governors desk! A simple phone call or email from you may make all the difference on whether a bill gets signed into law… or not. There have been legislators, in the past, that have pleaded with Don, in the halls of the State Capitol, that they would support an OK2A bill if he would please get OK2A members to “stop the calls”. Your calls ARE effective!

There is “Strength in Numbers”, so get your legislators numbers into your address book on your phone, today, and become a part of the “STRENGTH” and ‘VOICE’ of OK2A!

Join in on the Urgent Text Alert system, also. These text are sent out to each individual phone only! THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL GROUP TEXT that you get drug into and have to endure your phone blowing up for hours from all the cross-chatter from those included in the “mass text”.

It’s easy to join!
1. Send a text to 405-645-9009. Type in ‘ADD ME’ and [your name].
2. You will receive an AUTO RESPONSE with a link to join. Click on the link to join.
3. Fill out ALL information required. Click ‘ACCEPT’. (If it does not accept the town you live in, then enter the closest city near you.)
4. Go into your phone ‘Contacts’ and add the number and the name: ‘OK2A‘.

This system will also be used to notify you of an [online] meeting that is about to start so you can join in, a last minute meeting cancellation notification, a call to action notification or of future censorship/removal of any other communication platforms we are currently using, along with any new platforms we may be moving to. So don’t delay, join in today and don’t end up disenfranchised from OK2A.

There’s a Donate button here and on our home page. Get involved – freedom isn’t free!

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