Lawton Bans Sale of Guns & Ammo By Closing Academy Sports

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When the mayor and city council decided to close Academy Sports in Lawton, OK during a State of Emergency, who does Academy Sports turn to for help? OK2A!“The State’s Leading Advocate For Second Amendment Rights”

The organization YOU are part of. The same organization who is fighting for your rights even when the Oklahoma legislative session has been halted.

So, again, what do you get for your annual OK2A membership dues?

Liberty!… The freedom to buy guns & ammo during a State of Emergency! Pro-active ‘little’ bills, signed into law that protect you and produce victorious major results during a State of Emergency.

Look for the DONATE button on this page and make a donation to keep our freedoms here in Oklahoma.

If OK2A were not there to lay the ground work, to make a stand for and protect your 2A rights, who else would fill the gap?

Don Spencer, President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A), recaps the details of the FAILED attempt to shut down the Academy Sports in Lawton, OK during this State of Emergency in this YouTube video.