US Senator James Inhofe

Luke Holland (Chief of Staff for Sen. Inhofe), has made every effort to deny a friendly meeting between the president of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association and Senator Inhofe. These meetings were promised multiple times. One of the broken promises took place when Senator Inhofe’s State Director, Bryson Panas, showed up at a Tulsa County OK2A meeting and “promised” a meeting with the Senator. A room full of OK2A members were present and heard. However, Luke Holland made sure it would never take place.

Luke Holland, Chief of Staff for Sen. Inhofe

 The requested meeting was to discuss concerns about federal laws and to repeal unconstitutional laws and rules. These were laws regarding the peaceful carry for self-defense on some non-secure public properties such as Corp of Engineers in rural area properties open to the general public.

It’s concerning when a chief of staff prohibits a meeting with constituents and their elected official. It can indicate he will listen to the Washington lobbyist rather than the constituents. We need a senator that will listen to us and not the swamp in Washington D.C. With Senator Inhofe retiring and Mr. Holland running to replace him, we have concerns.

If Luke Holland cannot arrange a simple, friendly constituent meeting among republicans, then how can we trust him to be a U.S. Senator in such trying times.

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