Oklahoma City Monthly Meeting of OK2A | 9-15-2020

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OK2A gave away the highly coveted, proprietary OK2A lapel pin at the OKC monthly meeting! Those present received one FREE!

Don Spencer, President of OK2A, covered upcoming proposed bills, in detail, to be introduced in the 2021 legislative session.

This is one of the many great benefits of being part of OK2A!

You don’t find out about 2A Bill(s) after they become effective law, like the general public! You don’t find out about them after they get signed into law by the Governor! You don’t find out about them as they are voted on in the House or Senate! You find out about them BEFORE they are introduced in the State Legislature! You find out about them BEFORE most legislators do! 

The next Legislative session begins in February, 2021.

Here’s the entire 1 1/2 hour video – get informed!

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