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Take a few minutes (9-minute video) and get caught up on the 16 OK2A bills and the status of SB669 from Don Spencer, President of OK2A.

Don did report that SB669 has been officially “laid over”. He believes it will not be heard again this year and we’ve seen the last of it this session. He thanked those who were at the Capitol Rally on Tuesday, March 21st and for those who called and emailed their representatives and senators.

We have some photos from the March 21st rally below. Thanks again to all who participated.

State Capitol Rally Against SB669 on March 21, 2023

James Miller, OK2A VP
James Miller, OK2A VP
People at the Oklahoma State Capitol
March 21, 2023 Rally at Oklahoma State Capitol
Nathan Dahm, State Senator
Don Spencer at State Capitol
Don Spencer, President, OK2A
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