Oklahoma & Virginia-What’s the Difference?

state of oklahoma signage

Why the attack on Gun Rights in Virginia?

Virginia is the home of the NRA (Fairfax, VA) and GOA (Springfield, VA), so why is the State Government taking over and attacking it’s citizens gun rights?

Citizen Apathy / Lack of INVOLVEMENT.

Maybe Virginia’s citizens figured they had the NRA & GOA in their home state, so what could go wrong???

National Organizations do not vote in State elections… Voting citizens of that state do. Virginia got caught off guard and the anti-gun crowd got their candidates in a majority of the House, Senate and in the Governor’s seat. They wasted no time in stripping gun owners from their God-given, Constitutional 2A rights!

It all starts with the citizen… the voter AND the Vote!
If the citizen does not get INVOLVED to vote… if the citizen is not INVOLVED to be an informed voter… or if the citizen does not get INVOLVED to help in the outcome of an election, then unfavorable (anti-gun) politicians get elected. So the bottom line in many cases it’s

Citizen Apathy / Lack of INVOLVEMENT!

Fortunately, currently, Oklahoma has a Conservative, Pro-2A Governor and a majority of conservative, 2A members in the House of Representatives and in the Senate. However, that could change due to Citizen Apathy / Lack of INVOLVEMENT.

The anti-gun groups are actively working to vote out Conservative, Pro-2A legislators and replace them with anti-gun legislators, WHO WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS! – IN OKLAHOMA!

Last year the anti-gun crowd introduced actions in Oklahoma that would censor your 1st Amendment right to free speech, along with TWO (2) Red Flag bills. Thankfully, the Conservative Pro-2A legislators along with OK2A and some Oklahoma Citizens who got INVOLVED, thwarted these anti-constitutional actions.

As the anti-gun groups grow in numbers and gain momentum, the Pro-gun groups must grow in numbers and gain momentum, also, and become more INVOLVED to counter the anti-gun onslaught in Oklahoma! Numerous anti-gun bills have already been introduced, THIS YEAR, by the anti-gun groups, including a bill to reverse the Constitutional Carry Law, a magazine capacity ban and a semi-auto ban.

See where this is going? (Virginia) It could happen in Oklahoma, also, due to

Citizen Apathy / Lack of INVOLVEMENT.

It all starts at the voting booth. You will lose your God-given, Constitutional Rights if you have a majority of anti-gun legislators stripping you of those rights.

The time is now. Get INVOLVED.

It’s easier to fight to retain your rights, than it is to try to get them back, once you have lost them!

Start with attending an OK2A meeting. New Chapters are springing up around the State with Patriots who want to get INVOLVED. OK2A has NEW Team leaders and New Chapter coordinators who are stepping up and getting INVOLVED! New faces are showing up at OK2A Meetings around the state of those who want to get INVOLVED! New members are joining DAILY who want to get INVOLVED! Patriots are showing up at rallies, who want to get INVOLVED and those Patriots are turning into 2A Activist who show up at the State Capitol, when needed, who want to get INVOLVED!