Constitutional Carry Oklahoma

 OK2A warned you.

OK2A warned you before the ink was dry on the signed Constitutional Carry Law (which goes into effect Nov. 1, 2019) that this wasn’t over, yet. OK2A warned you that the Gun-Grabbers would not just sit back and do nothing without launching a counter attack against your Constitutional Liberties & Freedoms.

It didn’t matter that Donald Trump was President. It didn’t matter that Kevin Stitt was Governor. It didn’t matter that Oklahoma is the ‘Reddest’ state in the Union. It didn’t matter that Oklahoma has a Republican controlled House & Senate. It didn’t matter that OK2A worked tirelessly to get Constitutional Carry on the Governor’s desk… TWICE!

The anti-gunners are pushing back to strip you of your Constitutional Liberties & Freedoms!

Watch these videos to see what’s going on.


Don Spencer on the referendum repeal of Constitutional Carry:

News 9 interview with Don Spencer on the referendum repeal of Constitutional Carry:


In the meantime, what can you DO?
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OK2A is responsible for creating, modifying, and repealing over 100 gun measures in Oklahoma in the past 9 years and 17 gun bills signed into Law in the past 3 years! This is why OK2A is “The State’s Leading Advocate for Second Amendment Rights” in Oklahoma.


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