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Sheriff Tommie Johnson was presented the “Minuteman Award” yesterday at the Back the Badge Appreciation Day at an annual service during the Higher Plain Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

Sheriff Johnson was the first sheriff in the state to announce that Oklahoma County would NOT violate a peaceful citizens’ rights who are in possession of a pistol brace.

What was legally permitted for the past ten years now becomes a felony in the eyes of the ATF. This is simply unconstitutional because of a piece of plastic attachment to a pistol. Thank you, Sheriff Johnson.

Don Spencer, President
Oklahoma Second Amendment Association

March 26, 2023 Presentation of “Minuteman Award” on Back the Badge Appreciation Day

Tom Vinyard, Tommie Johnson, Don Spencer
Pastor Tom Vineyard, Chairman of OK2A, Sheriff Tommie Johnson & Don Spencer, President of OK2A
Don Spencer & Tommie Johnson (holding Back the Badge Award)
Don Spencer and Sheriff Tommie Johnson holding the Minuteman Award

Video of Plaque Presentation to Sheriff Tommie Johnson

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