A Special Thank You!

A Special Thank You!

We would like to extend a very special thank you to everyone who made phone calls, sent emails, met and spoke with representatives, and those who were present at the Capitol to support SB1212 (constitutional carry) which passed 59 to 28! This bill now must pass through the Senate before it can go to the governor’s desk.

We also need to thank the 59 representatives who voted YES to support the passing of our constitutional carry bill (SB1212). Doing the right thing may not be popular, but our legislators need to feel appreciated — especially when we appreciate them! Please send them an email to thank them for voting to protect and restore your Second Amendment rights! Many of these representatives will receive a lot of complaints from the anti-gun groups for their YES vote to uphold their oath of office and the Constitution. Sending them a thank you email is the very least we can do! Would you please take a moment to send these 59 representatives another email, thanking them for standing up for your rights?

Email Instructions

  1. Highlight / copy the entire list of email addresses below and paste it into the BCC (blind carbon copy) field of a new email.
  2. Insert your personal email address in the TO field of the same email.
  3. In the SUBJECT line type: SB1212 – Thank You for Your YES vote! (OK2A)
  4. Include your personal thank you message and send the email.

greg.babinec@okhouse.gov; rhonda.baker@okhouse.gov; john.bennett@okhouse.gov; brad.boles@okhouse.gov; chad.caldwell@okhouse.gov; kevin.calvey@okhouse.gov; dennis.casey@okhouse.gov; bob.cleveland@okhouse.gov; jeff.coody@okhouse.gov; dale.derby@okhouse.gov; tim.downing@okhouse.gov; travis.dunlap@okhouse.gov; jon.echols@okhouse.gov; john.enns@okhouse.gov; george.faught@okhouse.gov; scott.fetgatter@okhouse.gov; ross.ford@okhouse.gov; avery.frix@okhouse.gov; tom.gann@okhouse.gov; kyle.hilbert@okhouse.gov; justin.humphrey@okhouse.gov; jp.jordan@okhouse.gov; chris.kannady@okhouse.gov; dell.kerbs@okhouse.gov; mark.lawson@okhouse.gov; mark.lepak@okhouse.gov; ryan.martinez@okhouse.gov; charles.mccall@okhouse.gov; randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov; kevin.mcdugle@okhouse.gov; scott.mceachin@okhouse.gov; marcus.mcentire@okhouse.gov; john.montgomery@okhouse.gov; lewis.moore@okhouse.gov; glen.mulready@okhouse.gov; jason.murphey@okhouse.gov; carl.newton@okhouse.gov; jadine.nollan@okhouse.gov; mike.osburn@okhouse.gov; scooter.park@okhouse.gov; john.pfeiffer@okhouse.gov; mike.ritze@okhouse.gov; dustin.roberts@okhouse.gov; sean.roberts@okhouse.gov; todd.russ@okhouse.gov; mike.sanders@okhouse.gov; earl.sears@okhouse.gov; chuck.strohm@okhouse.gov; johnny.tadlock@okhouse.gov; zack.taylor@okhouse.gov; tess.teague@okhouse.gov; todd.thomsen@okhouse.gov; steve.vaughan@okhouse.gov; kevin.wallace@okhouse.gov; josh.west@okhouse.gov; kevin.west@okhouse.gov; rick.west@okhouse.gov; tammy.west@okhouse.gov; harold.wright@okhouse.gov

One More Thing

As we have mentioned in our communication(s) yesterday, we aren’t done with our constitutional carry bill. The bill must pass in the Senate and then Governor Fallin has to sign it into law. Therefore, it would be wise to invite your friends to join our private Facebook group discussion page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OKSecondAmendment. We’ll need all hands on deck very soon to make phone calls, send emails, and help us lobby for this bill to pass.


Are you an OK2A member yet? If you have recently been exposed to OK2A, then chances are you’ve seen what we do and the difference we make in the lives of those who care about liberty. More importantly, we fight for those who want to keep their liberties intact! In order to continue the fight, we need supporting members. Yes, I’m asking you to join OK2A if you haven’t already. We need you to stand with us!

Thank you for your support, and let’s get to work on getting SB1212 to the governor’s desk.

Don Spencer
Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association