Fairview Liberty Rally-Sep. 12

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Liberty Rally at FairviewThe Second Amendment & Liberty Rally is being sponsored by OK2A. Speaking at this FAMILY FRIENDLY RALLY will be Don Spencer, President of OK2A, former State Representative, Dan Fisher with the Black Robe Regiment and several other State Legislators.
If you love Liberty, you won’t want to miss this event!

Dan Fisher will provide education on the Second Amendment with authentic muskets that we’re at the Battle of Bunker Hill from the Revolutionary War. DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

Don Spencer will provide information on current issues & laws and legislation for the next legislative session.

The lawful carry of firearms is welcome at this event, in a holster, scabbard or sling.

This Special Event will be held during the Major County State Fair, so bring the family! Get there early to enjoy the fair, attend the OK2A Rally at noon and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the fair!

Don’t forget to wear your OK2A shirts, hats and pins, and bring your lawn chairs for the Rally!

Watch this short YouTube Video with, OK2A President Don Spencer explaining details as to why this Rally is being held.
Share this video with your liberty friends and invite your friends!
Let’s PACK THE PARK! See you there!

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