Exercising 2nd Amendment Rights at OU Basketball Game

Exercising 2nd Amendment Rights at OU Basketball Game

On December 19, 2017, Don Spencer (President of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association) purchased a ticket to the OU basketball game with the intention to attend the game while carrying a (legal) pocket knife into the basketball arena. OU has a “policy” that does not allow anyone to bring in knives or any type of weapon into the arena. Upon entering the arena, everyone must pass through a security station much like you would do at the airport. Everyone must walk through a metal detector and empty their pockets to ensure that no one will bring in contraband or weapons.

We have been receiving reports from OK2A members that OU security personnel have been forcing people to return to their vehicle(s) to store their pocket knives in their vehicles because of their restrictive policy regarding knives and other weapons. However, by not allowing individuals to bring in something as simple as a pocket knife, OU is violating STATE LAW, as well as people’s Second Amendment rights.


Know Your Rights!

So, OK2A went to work on this issue to prove that OU does not have the legal right to make policies that preempt Oklahoma state law and violate people’s 2nd Amendment rights. This is a perfect example of how important it is to know the law and your Second Amendment rights, as well as how to peacefully enforce your rights.

Title 21, Section 1289.24 – Firearm Regulation – State Preemption

Title 21, Section 1280.1 – Possession of Firearm on School Property

Title 21, Section 1272 – Unlawful Carry

This Is What We Do

OK2A stands up for Oklahoman’s rights to ensure that your liberties don’t get taken away, and we need law-abiding citizens to stand with us! Please consider becoming an OK2A member, and support our daily struggle to ensure that our God-given liberties remain intact.