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Jan 2020
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OK2A has been saying the Socialists in the Oklahoma legislature would go on the OFFENSE and you should be getting INVOLVED. Now, the Socialists have gone on the OFFENSE and it’s time to get INVOLVED! The Socialists have filed numerous anti-gun / anti-2A / anti-Constitutional Rights bills, this year, for the 2020 legislative session! See graphic, above. Your ‘Situational Awareness’ should be on HIGH during this years session! You need to be prepared to send e-mails and/ or make phone calls to your State Representatives, at moments notice, as these bills are introduced into the State Legislature. Group attendance at the State Capitol is very effective, also! OK2A will keep you posted as to what to do and when to do it. Do You Know YOUR State Legislators? Download this app, today! It is VERY helpful to you as a new or seasoned 2A activist! It gives you the list of House Reps. and a list of Senators. It also gives you the address, room number, phone number, email address and district map of every single legislator! Go to the Google or Apple Play/App store and search for OAEC (Oklahoma Legislative Guide). It’s free and a valuable resource....

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