Tag: Scissortail Park

Oct 2019

If Don Spencer, President of The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A), doesn’t have enough to do already with reading & writing laws and bills, talking and working with Oklahoma legislators and Attorneys to regain and retain our freedoms & liberties (like Constitutional Carry and killing proposed Red Flag Bills, among many), attending speaking engagements and OK2A monthly meetings, he has to stop what he’s doing to go do damage control caused by somebody who is from another STATE who comes into Oklahoma to do an “audit” for his YouTube channel and acts like a RATS RECTUM to women on their job by calling them offensive names to sensationalize his videos for more attention… thus more views… and thus, more MONEY. This is a bad reflection on all of us as respectable and responsible Oklahoma citizens and gun owners and gun carriers! So, little Rambo leaves town and Don cleans up another mess… AGAIN! Watch Don’s damage control video here Watch Don go through the entry checkpoint and his interaction with law enforcement at the grand opening of Scissortail Park in OKC! You will be shocked at how it all turns out! Watch Don’s comments and recap after entering the Scissortail Park grand opening! SHARE this with everyone of your Constitutional, 2A friends! Subscribe to Don’s YouTube Channel and get notifications BEFORE they are emailed out! https://www.youtube.com/user/photosdon/featured...

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