Oklahoma Rifle Association is Against Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Oklahoma Rifle Association is Against Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Attention Patriots!!!! The Oklahoma Rifle Association is once again trying to kill your Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma. Please contact them and ask why they continue to have the same views as the ANTI-GUN Moms Demand Action. In 2012, they (OK Rifle Association) tried to kill the open carry bill in the same way they are trying to kill constitutional carry. This letter (below) was emailed to every state senator today. Please send the Oklahoma Rifle Association an email and/or give them a call to express your dissatisfaction with their actions. Their office phone number is 405-374-9262.

ORA Executive Board

Gary Don Scott, President — don@oklarifle.com
Dale Schuster, Vice President — dale@oklarifle.com
Rick Baker, Secretary — rick@oklarifle.com
Ralph Zeller, Treasurer — ralph@oklarifle.com
Paul Abel, Legislative Director — paul@oklarifle.com

To keep updated on the latest on gun bills and laws, go to the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A) FB page or join the FB group discussion page. OK2A is responsible for creating, modifying, and repealing over 70 gun measures in Oklahoma in the past 8 years.

Don Spencer
Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association