Survey & Scorecard

2020 Candidate Survey Form

(posted January 13, 2020 and updated April 25, 2020 with a new survey form)

This year is a big year for elections. We’ve prepared an updated Candidate Survey Form you can download here.

If you are a candidate for an elected office in the state of Oklahoma or you know of a candidate you are I voted stickesupporting, download this pdf and send to them.

Instructions: This survey must be completed and signed. Electronic or digital signatures of the candidate is acceptable. You also have the choice of mailing the completed and signed form to Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, PO Box 626, Edmond, OK 73083.

2019 Legislative Scorecard

We have for you a downloadable pdf we call our 2nd amendment Legislative Scorecard. It gives an overall grade (A-F) of each house and senate member for the 2019 legislative season.

We encourage you to download and keep this as valuable information with 2020 being an election year.

Below is the summary, by party of how our elected officials voted on 2nd amendment rights.