OK2A Adds Their Name to Amicus Brief

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We wanted to update you on the Bump Stock Ban situation. Here’s the Amicus Brief we filed in the OK2A name. To read the entire brief, click to open and download.

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Here’s an excerpt from the brief:

“Amici curiae are Tennessee Firearms Association, Grass Roots North Carolina,
Oregon Firearms Federation, Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Bama Carry,
Arizona Citizens Defense League, Open Carry Texas, Iowa Firearms Coalition, New
Jersey Second Amendment Society, and Oklahoma Second Amendment Association. All ten amici are non-profit organizations organized under the laws of their respective
Lead amicus Tennessee Firearms Association (“TFA”) has thousands of members
and supporters in Tennessee, as well as members and supporters in the other states
within this Circuit. TFA promotes the right to keep and bear arms, with an emphasis on
the Second and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Article I,
Section 26 of the Tennessee Constitution.”

Bumpstock Brief August 2021

Contents of Brief