Constitutional Carry Has Passed the House Vote

SB1212 Constitutional Carry Passes House Vote

The Vote Is In

Well, we finally have some good news for you guys, and are happy to announce that we are halfway to getting one of our liberties restored that never should have been taken away to begin with. In the short video below, Don Spencer delivers the good news about today’s voting results in the House. SB1212 (the Constitutional Carry bill proposed by the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association) passed with an overwhelming majority on the House floor today. Next, it will be put to a vote in the Senate, and once that vote passes, the bill will be signed into law by Governor Fallin.

Thank You!

We want to thank all of you who stepped up and contacted the long list of legislators regarding this very important piece of legislation. However, this needs to be a short-lived victory because we aren’t finished yet. Even though this is a win, we cannot relax our efforts now. We must call and email our representatives who will be voting on SB1212 in the Senate. As soon as we have a compiled list of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, we will post them here on our website’s blog, our Facebook page, and our Facebook group discussion.