Today (8-26-2019), at 1:15pm at the Oklahoma State Supreme Court Clerk’s office, a Protest to SQ803 will be filed. A PRESS CONFERENCE WILL FOLLOW.

This is on behalf of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association (OK2A), Oklahoma Tax Payers United (UTO) and the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee – 36 legislators from the Oklahoma State House of Representatives and Senate.

The protest is based on the gist of the petition is blatantly false. With these misleading and false claims, signature seekers are collecting signatures on false pretenses that misrepresent HB2597 passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor.

The claim that a person can carry a firearm on a college campus is blatantly false, inaccurate, misleading, deceitful, inflammatory.

Here is a video recorded yesterday proving our statements conducted by Don Spencer, president of the OK2A

Council for the protest is Kevin Calvey and Robert Robles.

Court Documents Regarding Constitutional Carry Protest

Here are three documents for you to read and be aware of regarding today’s court appearance.

Click to read or download the 13-Page Protest Brief.

Click to read or download the 31-page SQ 803.

Here is the Cover Sheet of the Supreme Court Brief.

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