Josh Brecheen

OK2A endorses Josh Brecheen for District 2, U.S. House of Representatives. He’s running against Avery Frix. Please take the 5 minutes and watch the video from “The Muskogee Fix”, where the reporter talks about the two candidates.

Here’s an excerpt from Josh’s website: “I’m a 4th generation rancher. I’m a committed Christian, a husband, father and I’ve operated a small heavy equipment and trucking business. I grew up learning the value of hard work cleaning horse stalls, breaking colts, and hauling square bales. I served as state president of the Oklahoma FFA Association and graduated from OSU. I was fortunate to serve Sen. Tom Coburn as his Field Representative to Southeastern OK.

My wife Kacie and I live with our four children on our ranch in Coal County.

I self-term-limited in the Oklahoma State Senate, where I stood strong against tax increases, debt, wasteful spending and I led the fight against Common Core in our schools. Like my mentor, Dr. Coburn, I kept my term-limit pledge and prioritized principle over politics. I don’t and won’t play political games. I will confront them.”

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