Which Republican Senator Got A “D-” from OK2A?

Senator Brent Howard, Oklahoma

How can a conservative republican Oklahoma State Senator who voted YES for Constitutional Carry have a “D-“ voting record last legislative session? Here is how.

Senator Brent Howard, a Republican in (SD38) voted for HB2597, constitutional carry of a firearm. That was his only vote for a graded Liberty bill that was at the request of OK2A or the bill that supported another constitutional right such as free speech and protection of private property rights.

SB24 Senator Howard voted against your rights. This bill updated a 48 year old antiquated law that classified new firearms like the Mossberg Shockwave or Remington TAC 13 as “Sawed off shotguns” and then repealed the felony for the peaceful possession of these types of firearms. This same firearm is legal to own and possess in anti-gun states such as California, New York and New Jersey. It was signed into law by the governor.

SB361 – Senator Howard voted against your rights. …TWICE. This was an extremely important First Amendment rights bill to protect public college students on campus where they were penalized and ostracized for exercising their free speech for faith and to advocate for Second Amendment rights. The First Amendment is a fundamental freedom and campus officials have allowed physical and other intimidation tactics to squelch free speech. It was signed into law by the governor.

SB897 – Senator Howard voted against your rights. The bill was known as the, “Burden of proof” bill. In April of 2018, a ruling in a case called McNeely v. State, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals ruled citizens no longer can seek a pretrial ruling on Stand Your Ground immunity from the Court of Criminal Appeals. Citizens now have to wait to challenge a court’s ruling on their immunity until after a jury trial and after incarceration, even though they may have been immune from prosecution from the start This is inconsistent with the Author of the bills desire to protect citizens in 2006 and a citizen’s right for the “Burden of proof” to be reached by the state. The bill required the prosecution to meet it’s burden with a first judge and if the burden was not met, the judge’s dismissal was the final decision and not to be reviewed again.

SB927 – Senator Howard voted against your rights. …. TWICE. This is a private property protection bill. This bill gave control of the private property owner to control feral hogs on their own property. Under current law, a person must notify a game warden before taking of the destructive non-game animals at night that do nearly a billion dollars a year in damage to property across this state.

Five senate democrats have a better voting record than Senator Howard. It’s not hard to imagine that the strong, liberty minded constitutional republicans of SD38 would be looking for a senator that represents their conservative values.