Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm on the Right to Bear Arms

Senator Dahm on the Right to Bear Arms

It’s no secret that Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm is a die-hard constitutionalist and a strong believer in our nation’s founding principles. OK2A has worked hard alongside Senator Dahm to successfully fight for Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma, and we hope that his influence will only grow stronger as he continues to capitalize on every opportunity to stand up for our God-given constitutional rights here in Oklahoma. We are fortunate to benefit from his continual influence at the state capitol.

We wanted to showcase a few of his videos relating to the Second Amendment. It won’t take long for you to see that Senator Dahm knows the Constitution (both federal and state), and is extremely skillful in how he asserts his position to defend our liberties from those who seek to take them away right under our noses while we aren’t watching.

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